The Witch's Life
Named after the poem "The Witch's Life" by Anne Sexton, this blog is not "pro-ana" but "pro-choice." I believe recovery from eating disorders can help people (as it did for me, for a while), but I also believe that in some cases normal life is not enough. In those cases, people should not be isolated or ostracized because they choose to live their lives differently, or because they cannot help it. I am not trying to become sick again, I just want to be a worthwhile person- this blog is intended to catalog my attempts at being so. I hope to support people who need it, in illness or wellness or somewhere in between, and to be supported in turn. Some of this material may be triggering- tread warily.
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Kalki Koechlin - French, Indian, and downright gorgeous.

Liver for diers- I know offal looks awful, but liver is extremely high vitamins and protein with comparatively few calories per G protein and negligible fat.

Birthdays are the worst

Ugh, je le deteste et je me deteste.

Chanson pour le semain de mon 24eme anniversaire, Annihilate par Black Flag

You annihilated this week
Now it’s Sunday and you weep
A future of fun
Or a guilt loaded run
Your carnal desires
fanning the fires
You never think that hard
Til the devil’s in your backyard
But she can’t quite forget
that night in my corvette
Annihilating the week
Sledge hammers to the street
But then on Sunday
You’re looking mighty weak
Annihilating this week
Screwing everything that you meet
She thinks she’s feeling better
But her conscience won’t let her
Your thoughts temporarily deceived
But your virginity can’t be retreived
You never had it before
And now you can’t close the door

Slash me up for sure.
Punk aesthetic maybe overrated. Punk rock is not.

At it again. I know better but it helps for a bit. Now if only I could get the guts to cut deep enough liposuction all of that shitty fat out of my fucking abominable arms. And if only that would work. Fuck.

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